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What is a Side Hustle and why should I have one

Let’s make it clear … a Side Hustle is not a part time job or extra shifts / overtime at your main job. If a single person or business can pull the plug on your extra earnings by firing you then it’s not a Side Hustle.

Side Hustle earnings are not guaranteed but your freedom to conduct your Side Hustle is. Side Hustle income is in effect self-employed income.

Side Hustles are generally conducted extra to your main daily occupation, homemaker can be considered an occupation and thus can embark on a Side Hustle venture in the same way as any employee.

Reasons for wanting a Side Hustle can vary greatly from person to person. An employee may be seeking to one day leave a job they dislike or exercise skills and gain the satisfaction their day job does not afford them.

Homemakers, caregivers and students may have demanding lives but feel able to turn their hand to a Side Hustle to earn extra income at times to suit themselves during their day.

Whatever your reason for starting a Side Hustle one thing is for sure you will soon find out how self-reliant and resourceful you are,

Amanda Doe

Amanda Doe


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