Start Building Your Side Hustle or Part Time Business Today. It could soon be paying you a Full Time Income!

Build your side hustle or business ready to explode after lockdown. Don’t Waste this unprecedented spare time. Make Potential Clients aware of the services you are offering through Social Media, Facebook Ads and Local Mail Drops; then send these Potential Clients to your Landing Page so you can explain your offers and collect their contact details. This is building your client list, so you can explain how you can help and serve then through your offerings, both now and in the future.

So what exactly is a Landing Page?

A Landing Page is for all intents and purposes a ‘One Page Website’. It differs from a traditional Web Site in so much that it focuses on Getting a Potential Client to take some form of action, this action could be; to subscribe to your Newsletter, to request a call back to discuss your Services or arrange an appointment or to actually make a purchase of something you have on Special Offer. So you can see the visitor to your Landing Page has generally speaking one of two choices; to follow through with whatever you are offering or leave if they are not interested.

So the benefits of a Landing Page can include:

  • Collecting emails and phone numbers for marketing current and future offers
  • Allowing people to request a Quote or Callback arrange an appointment
  • Selling Special Offer Items to a mailing list (collected via your Landing Page)

With a Massive 60% OFF only during Lockdown.

You only pay £49.95 for our ‘Premium Done For You Landing Page’ installed onto Your Domain (you will need to purchase a Domain Name and a Basic Hosting Plan from Site Ground).

Held at this price only during the Lockdown period.

This will revert to Starndard Pricing when Lockdown is lifted.

So what are you waiting for ?


Bring your Business to Life Instantly​

Step One

View the Premium Landing Pages at and see how your side hustle or business could make use of a powerful Landing Page Lead Generation tool.

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Step Two

Take advantage of our 60% off, ‘lockdown Landing Page Special Offer’ for our Premium Landing Pages.  Purchases at this price will only be available during the Lockdown period.

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Step Three

Purchase basic Web hosting at SITE GROUND along with your preferred domain name (Preferably from SITE GROUND). Send us your SITE GROUND login details for us to install your Landing Page.

Click here for Site Ground Hosting


Step Four

We will then install WordPress and DIVI onto your hosting account followed by your landing page populated with your text and images replacing those of the demo Premium Landing Page Template.


Step Five

You should then check the text and images are those you sent to be published. Two rounds of revisions will be allowed. Once the page is ready to go live the DIVI updates will be activated for 12 months. If you have used our SITE GROUND affiliate link then DIVI updates will be activated for the duration of your stay with SITE GROUND for hosting.

Step Six

Start your business awareness campaign. Add your landing page link to any and all permitted social media posts, put your Landing Page link into your Instagram Bio and get posting, try a few Facebook ads, post flyers locally, again with your landing page link on them. Collect prospect emails using Mailchimp so you can send them offers etc. via email later down the line. Finally always offer top service to build a loyal client base.


Work Towards Your Post Lockdown Success Now!

Great service with a fast turnaround. Just what we needed to build our client mailing list. Many Thanks.
Subscribe at to get informed of the latest news and offers.
I’ve been selling on Depop for a while and have decided to start growing my own website shop many thanks to the Side Hustle Junkie for helping me with my site and Landing Page to get my traffic going.


Please Read Carefully Before Purchasing a Premium Landing Page
Can I Edit These Landing Pages?
Yes you can either download the FREE .JSON files and edit them anyway you see fit. Or you can have us do the work for you as a premium service. Once we have set up your landing page you will be able to edit it should you need to and alwayss revert to a previous backup through SITE GROUND should you get in a mess.
Can I expand these landing pages into a website?

These web pages have been configured as Landing Pages i.e. pages optimised to get contact details from potential clients. They are built on the Divi theme and you could quite easily build out a website using it’s domain name should you want to. The premium Landing pages get you the DIVI API key which means you can use DIVI to build your site knowing it will get full updates for the life of the API key, this will be the life of your SITE GROUND hosting plan if you use our affiliate link Click here for Site Ground Hosting

Do I need to be able to code?

Absolutely not, but to get the most out of your landing page you should learn how to navigate and use the basic aspects of your WordPress dashboard.
Divi is a Theme used with the WordPress Content Management System (don’t panic about the terminology) and there are loads of easy to follow tutorials on YouTube should you get stuck.

Is it safe to give you my hosting account details?
This is the only way I or any other developer can set up your account and migrate the required files for you. Once everything it is set up, you can change your password and take full sole access of your account.
Why would I need DIVI updates?

All Themes and plugins need to be updated as they are developed and improved. DIVI is one of the leading Themes and 12 months of Updates are included with all Premium Landing Pages, upgraded to the life of your SITE GROUND hosting account when purchased using our affiliate link. Click here for Site Ground Hosting

This bargain price will only be available during lockdown, once the economy kicks off again they will go back to their previous Great Value price.

Make the most of the spare time on your hands today to build a springboard for your business tomorrow.